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Broiler/Fryer: Daily National Broiler Market at a Glance
USDA - Fri Feb 26, 1:21PM CST
Atlanta, GA.         Fri. Feb 26, 2021   USDA Market News  

Broiler/Fryer:  Daily National Broiler Market at-a-Glance

Whole broiler/fryer prices are trending steady for all sizes. 
Offerings of all sizes are moderate for current trade needs. 
Retail and food service demand is light to moderate for 
the approaching weekend. Processing schedules are normal to 
reduced. Floor stocks are balanced. Market activity is slow 
to moderate. In the parts structure, prices range steady to 
firm for all parts. Offerings of boneless skinless breasts,
wings, and dark meat items are light to moderate with boneless
skinless breasts in the best position, and most dark meat items 
being held with confidence. The remainder of parts are mostly 
moderate. Market activity for parts is moderate. In production 
areas, live supplies are moderate to heavy. Weights are mixed, 
but noted as mostly desirable.

        Atlanta, GA    404.562.5850 email: Atlanta.lpgmn@ams.usda.gov

Prepared: 26-Feb-21 2:15 PM E SKT

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